Simulation tools

A fast and robust online tool for simulation of different modes of axially symmetric current transfer from high-pressure arc-discharge plasmas to cylindrical thermionic cathodes, created and maintained by Mikhail Benilov and co-workers. The code computes both the diffuse mode of current transfer and modes with axially symmetric spots and can be used in a wide range of arc currents, plasma-producing gases, and cathode materials and dimensions. The tool also serves as a tutorial that can help to make physicists and engineers working in the field comfortable with multiple solutions describing different modes of current transfer to electrodes in low-temperature plasmas.

A code for evaluation of the field to thermo-field to thermionic electron emission current density. The code is based on an accurate and computationally efficient method of evaluation of the Murphy-Good formalism; see M. S. Benilov and L. G. Benilova, J. Appl. Phys. 114, No. 6, pp. 063307-1-7 (2013).

A code for evaluation of the mobility and temperature of ions in a weakly ionized gas as functions of reduced electric field and gas temperature. The code is based on the two-temperature displaced-distribution theory; see P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov, and G. V. Naidis, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 35, No. 13, pp. 1577-1584 (2002).

A code for calculation of parameters of non-equilibrium near-cathode plasma layer in high-pressure arc plasmas. In particular, the code computes tables of the functions q(Tw,U)j(Tw,U), and p_pl(Tw,U), which serve as boundary conditions for the 2T or LTE equations describing the arc bulk. The code is based on the model summarized in M. S. Benilov, M. D. Cunha, and G. V. Naidis, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 14, 517 (2005).

A code for approximate evaluation of transport coefficients of non-equilibrium atomic plasmas with singly charges ions. The code is based on the formulas from N. A. Almeida, M. S. Benilov, and G. V. Naidis, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., vol. 41, no. 24, pp. 245201, (2008) and D. F. N. Santos, M. Lisnyak, and M. S. Benilov, “Account of diffusion in local thermodynamic equilibrium and two-temperature plasma models”, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., vol. 52, no. 45, pp. 454003, 2019.